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Our Partners

Our partners allow us to offer 
a vast range of services
to our clients

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Tru Life Sports Insurance

Sports insurance gives protection toprofessional, semi-professional sportspeople and keen amateurs, softening the blow if an injury occurs. It can help pay for personal care, loss of income and rehabilitation care.


Soccer Girls

Sokker Girls are bridging the gap between football and young girls’ sportswear.

We create inspiring football training apparel and accessories
for young girls who choose to stand out, be different and create their own path.


The Goalkeeper Network

First class goalkeeper gloves, accessories and coaching

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The PROGEAR Durable performance based thin mid-calf sock, designed for giving athletes the ultimate edge, due to the long-lasting grip and comfort. Streamlined technology provides a personalised fitting for all types of feet.

Stablility technology has been applied to grips to eliminate any slippage in footwear allowing acurate change of direction, acceleration and deceleration which will lead to elite performance

Our Trusted 

Ignite Soccer Agency are in partnership with some of the best football and sports organisations in the business. They are on hand to help our clients maximise their potential and get the best out of

their career

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